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The MovesU Mission


MyMovesMoveU LLC is an Atlanta based organization made to cultivate safe spaces for people growing in their creativity, entrepreneurship and well-being!


By providing platforms for other creative brands, we create safe spaces for everyone to walk in their purpose and make MOVES! 

As we continue to make moves, we never forget those who we love to serve. Thank you to those in our community who believe in our brand. You all are truly what keeps us MOVING! 

With love, 
Jaslyn L. Harris
CEO, MyMovesMoveU LLC
"Dance was my first love and with many changes in my professional and personal life, dance has become an outlet. MyMovesMoveU has allowed me to not only reground in my roots but also push me to be the best version of myself. From dance to business to personal growth, this movement has truly impacted me and my community. Looking forward to working together in the future!" 

- Tahbia Conrad
Founder/Alliance Lead of Black Seed Alliance


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Get to know a little more about how our mission for movement became what it is today! 

"MyMovesMoveU is truly a MOVEMENT and the owner, Jaslyn Harris is nothing short of a visionary. She reached out to me in regards to being a vendor at her pop up shop; I simply could not decline. Her passion and undeniable  ability to turn an idea into a powerful event is inspiring. Throughout the process of preparing for this event, she was more than thorough with details and maintained constant communication and availability to any questions I had. The professionalism displayed through this business is comforting. I trusted her every step of the way and knew that my business would be portrayed in the best light. I plan to continue working with this business in my future endeavors and highly recommend the services provided to all prospectives." 

- Mara Kelli
CEO/Owner of Wickful Wishes
"I was able to take a personal class with Jaslyn and MyMovesMoveU and it was such a great experience!! She stretched me, talked about the vision of the piece we were doing , and thoroughly walked me through the steps. She paid great attention to detail and made sure to guide me as I learned the choreography. I think Jaslyn is an amazing teacher and works well with all levels of training ! If you can get to her, get to her !!"

- Jaiva Crawford 
"MyMoves MoveU LLC was a pleasure to work with on the S.E.W wellness challenge as a special guest speaker for the 10-day program.  From meeting to plan the day of the event, Jaslyn had very professional communications with us throughout.  
She helped brainstorm ways to better engage the audience and was still very cognizant of the various types of novice participants, as to be inclusive with dance moves that all participants could do no matter their level of expertise.  The participants found her session to be the best session of the programing during the 10 day wellness challenge.  It was a real pleasure to work with Jaslyn!”

- Edo U. McGee, Pharm.D, CPS-MH
CEO/Founder of S.E.W. Mental Wellness
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