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Meet our CEO and Founder,
Jaslyn Harris

Photography by Drayton McJunkins, 2018


Jaslyn Harris is a dancer, administrative assistant, teacher, choreographer, and CEO/Founder of MyMovesMoveU LLC from Austell, GA. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern dance from Kennesaw State University (c/o 2018), and since graduation, she has performed professionally as a dancer with LightWalk Dance Co., on the YouTube series Guy Code ATL and Girl Code ATL, performed with recording artist Dajana, and has appeared on music videos with artists Denzel Phillips, Diamond, Kelzhaunne and D.Cole. In 2019, Jaslyn was invited to perform as a guest dancer with Internationally acclaimed holographic recording artist, Maya Kodes, during her tour at the Ferst Center for the Arts. In 2018, Jaslyn choreographed for hip hop artist David Money, for the annual 94.5 StreetzFest in Atlanta.  Jaslyn has held the position of administrative assistant at Dance Canvas Inc., as well as outreach instructor for their youth program with the city of Atlanta's Department of Recreation. Currently, Jaslyn serves as a Secretary within production and film, a Company member of LightWalk Dance Co. and in her spare time, she loves to teach dance while continuing to pursue her own professional career in performance. 



      As a young girl, I've always been extremely active and involved with my community. I started out as a young majorette, then quickly discovered my true love for dance at the age of 10. Now, when you're a young child, you think you want to be just about everything when you grow up; (teacher, doctor, astronaut, lawyer, artist) the possibilities were endless! As I approached high school, I knew that dance was what I wanted to do with my life. Since then my dream has always been to go on tour to dance behind artists like Beyoncé and Chris Brown; and I was willing to do whatever it took to get there. After my successful internship with Dance 411, I became so eager to begin working and training within my field, that my excitement for college quickly dwindled. 


      Yes, I kept my grades up and enjoyed the "college life experience" without a doubt. But at first, I felt like school was distracting me from reaching my ultimate goal to go on tour. I didn't need a degree to book a gig, and I'll always think back to the few teaching/dance opportunities I had to pass up while in school. It wasn't until junior year that I truly came to appreciate the investment in my education that my family and I made. 


      My administrative internship with Dance Canvas Inc. opened up so many possibilities for me within this industry. You see, when some people hear that you're getting a degree in the arts, they immediately ask or think, "Okay, what's going to be your real job?" "What's your plan B.?" or "What's next?" Many believe that dancers can only professionally become a few things: a performer, a choreographer, or an instructor. NOT TRUE! Just as I felt as a young girl; the possibilities ARE endless! Dancers can become creative directors, art administrators, professors, therapists and so much more!

      Since graduating from college, I've been battling with depression.  I've always been someone with a vision and a plan. Everyone that knows me, knows that I am a hard worker, a perfectionist and that I don't stop working on a project until everything falls into place. But truth is, life doesn't always go according to plan. I live by Woody Allen's famous quote: "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans." For me, this hits home in every aspect of my life. While I continue to work on myself and my well-being, I have been blessed with the opportunities to use my gifts for the greater good. If I can come out of depression stronger, wiser, and motivated to fulfil my purpose, I know that YOU CAN TOO! You are not alone, you are intelligent, you are beautiful, you are talented, and you are loved! 


 My Lord and Savior is the author of my story, and I'm his beautiful protagonist. In this chapter, he's given me my purpose. And my purpose is to serve all of you through Joy, Love, and Light! Now, let's connect and let My Moves, MoveU!


Jaslyn L. Harris

CEO/Founder of MyMovesMoveU LLC


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