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Mental Moves 2024

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Hey Ladies! We are so honored to present to you our 3rd annual Mental Moves Workshop for 2024! Last year's workshop focused on the beloved Black Men in our communities; but this year, it's about us! Mark your calendars for the one and only interactive workshop meant to provide a safe space for Black Women to explore the evolution of self love and self awareness!

Our challenges and our struggles are unique. We deserve a workshop meant for us to dive deep into what it means to be a Black Woman in America, while also learning how to navigate this life through its ups and downs.This is more than just a sisterhood; this is an opportunity to grow mentally, physically and spiritually while receiving resources and networking opportunities that will inspire all of us to keep Moving towards healthier lives. 

Interactive Exercises, Shopping, Networking,
Q&A Panels, and more! 

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Q&A Panel with:
Najma Shy

Qiana Howell

Tashauna Maisonet

Adrianna Achille

Tiara Nikole

Bria Edwards

Psst!! The Ladies who come on time for our event will receive a complimentary mimosa!
(First Come, First Served - Limited Supply)

Have you caught Part 1 of the Ladies Circle on MovesU Heard?

If you haven't already, join me and my girls for a cozy night at our first ever Ladies Circle! Korynn, Briona and I break open the famous jar of questions to discuss certain topics pertaining to our livelihoods as Black Women in America. Get in your PJs, grab a drink, and join us in the circle! Leave your comments, because it's about to get deep.

Grab Your girls and register now! Tickets are limited. See You There!

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