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Mental Moves 2023: Moving Black Men

"Being a black man in America means being my brother’s keeper. Being a black man in America means being my brother’s keeper while keeping a distance from my brother because I don’t trust him further than I can see him. It’s believing the cops don’t care about you. It’s learning how not to doubt yourself because when you’re born everyone else already does.”

Poet, Prentice Powell, 2014

It's Time to Start Talking...

It's Time to Start Doing...

Mental Moves is our annual interactive workshop on a mission to bridge the gap between mental health awareness and those in our communities. This year, we're diving head first into the scope of Mental Health and Black Men in America. Our team has joined forces to create a safe space where everyone can engage in open conversation, participate in reflective exercises, connect with self-care related small businesses and more. Join us as we begin our unique self healing journey that will keep us moving towards happiness, purpose and success!

Mental Moves 2023: Moving Black Men
May 20, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT
210 Pryor St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA

Mental Moves 2023 Line Up!

Manifestation 101: Retraining Your Mind with Mara Kelli
Mental Moves Promo 2023
Mental Flow with Jaslyn Harris
Special Guest Dr. Jesmond Fair
Mind Yours with Tahbia Conrad
Mental Moves | Moving Black Men
Mental Moves Line Up

MyMovesMoveU LLC Presents...

Round Table Talk: Moving Black Men

MyMovesMoveU LLC presents our first ever Round Table Talk! In preparation for our 2nd annual Mental Moves Workshop, Founder, Jaslyn Harris, sat down with a few men in Atlanta, GA to spark a conversation surrounding the scope of Mental Health and Black Men in America. As we take part in the series, this discussion merely scratches the surface of a topic so unheard of in our communities. Hoping that it may touch the lives of many, MyMovesMoveU LLC strives to create safe spaces for those in our community to thrive; one conversation at a time.

Stay tuned to catch more of our Moving Black Men series! 

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