We are very passionate about helping others with their craft! Please see the following services below. We're all making moves, so let me know how I can help you make yours! To book our services and check for availability, click below!

*Note: Some services may not be available at the moment due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic*
*Most services require a deposit to secure your booking. Please read the following descriptions for details on each service.* 
Consultation (50% Deposit Required)
*Rates vary based on consultation type & time*


Need advice on how to grow professionally, but not sure who or where to network within your industry? Professionalism is the key to success. When you book a consultation with us, you will receive resources and information specifically for your needs; including but not limited to: resume/CV building, photography/cinematography needs, where to train and who to train with and more! Consultation types offered: In-person, FaceTime, Zoom, or Email) More details provided upon request. 

Creative Direction- $50 (50% Deposit Required)
*Rate varies on time spent*


Ready to shoot your own visual or concept video, but need a little direction? If you book with us, we'll be right there with you during your shoot to hype you up and make sure you're putting out the best work for your brand! Service includes: helping you with your look, set/site-specific suggestions, and constructive criticism during the video shoot. Rate does not include venue booking fees for your shoot. More details provided upon request. .

Choreography- $65 (50% Deposit Required)


Need choreography for a pageant, show, submission, or event? Book with us and we'll choreograph works based on your needs to the song of your choice! Receive choreography, rehearsal (upon request) and constructive criticism for execution! Rate includes up to 2 minutes of choreography. Added time to choreography is an additional fee. (Beginner and Intermediate levels available in styles: hip hop, stiletto, and contemporary. Rate does not include studio fees. More details provided upon request. 

Tip-Toein Pop Up Classes- $150 (50% Deposit Required)


Would you like to take a Tip Toein dance class at your own pace within the comfort of your own group? Book a pop up class with us for you and your friends' needs! Whether you're preparing for a pageant, group performance, need foundational training, or you just want to have fun, let loose and dance like nobody's watching, the choice is yours! (Beginner and Intermediate levels available in styles: hip hop, stiletto and contemporary). Rate does not include studio fees. More details provided upon request. 

Backing Bosses Promo (On my site!)-
$30 (50% Refundable Deposit Required)

Want another platform to gain traffic to your brand? Here at MyMovesMoveU LLC, we're always looking for who's making moves! We love to support other brands, and we're here to help! Submit your business for review! Once approved, your business will be added to our site so that you can network at a low cost! Ads can book with us for 4 months, with an option to extend your time on our site. More details provided upon request. 

Tip-Toein Private Sessions/Private Group Sessions- $50 (50% Deposit Required)


Would you like some Tip-Toein instruction in privacy? Need a small group or a one-on-one session for your growth? Book a private session with us to fulfill your dancing needs! The choreography and session will be shaped around your focus. Choose your own song and let loose! Private sessions can include 1 - 4 dancers. (Beginner and Intermediate levels available in styles: hip hop, stiletto and contemporary). Rate does not include studio fees. More details provided upon request. 

Your Voice Matters- $10 
(Add your Blog post/Poetry on my site!)


No matter who you are, your voice matters. The ability to to express your thoughts and feelings is one of the most beautiful forms of art! If you would like to be featured on my blog, submit a blog entry or a poem to my site for review! Once it is approved, your message (work of art) will be available for all to see! (Blog entries/poems will remain on blog indefinitely). More details provided upon request.