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Who Am I?

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

*Note to the readers: This entry was written back in 2016. It is a sad truth that parts of this message still holds relevance today. I hope you enjoy.

I am someone who loves to smile, someone who loves to dance!

I am someone who believes knowledge is key, and I am eager to learn.

I am someone who loves to love; even though love hides.

I am someone that doesn't look like the girls on T.V.

I am someone that can't comb through their hair without water and product.

I am someone that grew up understanding the term kitchen for something other than its original definition.

I am someone that has had to prove that yes, all of this hair is mine.

I am someone that was forced off of their throne.

I am someone who prays and sheds a small tear every single time a police car passes by.

I am someone that worries about their father getting pulled over.

I am someone that wants children, but doesn't want to raise children in a world where sons are killed for playing with toy guns.

I am someone that knows violence coming from violence will only bring more violence.

I am someone strong enough to overcome all obstacles.

I am someone that knows I can make a difference and inspire.

I am someone that sees my dark skin as something worth so much more than gold.

I am someone that loves love, and doesn't need to know you to prove it.

I am a young descendant taking back the throne with love and knowledge, and I only ask that my people do the same.

So, who am I? To tell you the truth, I'm not exactly sure, but I know that I am someone who deserves the opportunity to find out.


Your Beautiful Black Queen

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