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"Unrequited Love"

Introducing the "Your Voice Matters" series! We are so proud to introduce our first poet to our blog here at MyMovesMoveU! Please enjoy this piece titled "Unrequited Love" by Kwota B.

love unrequited

i did everything you required

i even showed you a side of me i usually hide

i fell in love with your violence

uncomfortable silence is the loudest

so i can tell when ur vibe is off

you see, i can look in your eyes & see what you hold deep inside & that’s why i hate when you lie to me

what they say? real eyes realize real lies cause yea

i feel like i just wasted my time again

but they say look at the positives though

they said finding love is not impossible

but i’m starting to believe the opposite ‘cause

being an optimist never got me no where

you know, i never got an apology

i just needed someone who was solid & you slipped through my fingers like water

& i hate that i think of you constantly

& that’s the problem

i gave you too much control over my mind & my body

& now instead of having you next to me i have to leave you behind me

you really tried it..

together we were divided

i provided what i could until our worlds collided

i just wish i could of done this with somebody who would appreciate it

& each day that i give more & receive less i’m going to keep fading

i’m not going to let you keep taking from me

& by the time you realize you messed up, you’ll see that the seats taken

i’m just drifting away.

Thank you so much for reading! Let us know what you think about his work in the comment section! If you'd like to read more of Kwota's works, take a look as his poetry book on sale now at the link below!

If you're interested in presenting your poetry on our blog, let us know! We'd love to showcase your work!

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