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Mentors that Move Me: Yvette McWilliams

Growth is truly a beautiful thing; and as I continue to work towards my goals and expand this brand, I believe that it is my duty to recognize those who have inspired, motivated and encouraged me a long the way. This month I am dedicating my platform to some incredible women that continue to be a leading example for me and so many others.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to my very first mentor, Yvette McWilliams. As a young pre-teen, Yvette and I connected through a mentorship program at our church, Hillside International Chapel and Truth Center right here in Atlanta. Back then, I figured that having a mentor would be a good idea for my future, but I didn't necessarily recognize the true value of developing a relationship with someone outside of my family to help guide me through life. However, Yvette and I got to know each other in a very friendly manner. It became very easy to open up to her and just talk to her about everyday life. Her spirit is so welcoming and supporting, that you can't help but to feel like family. Through my years in school, she would check on me and despite our busy schedules, we always found ways to get in touch and catch up. In college, I couldn't wait to meet up with her for lunch and pick her brain about things like internships, building credit, or just balancing life!

Yvette is a Personal Development Coach passionate about encouraging others to live healthier lives. It is with great pleasure that I share with you our most recent conversation as we discuss our relationship and how it has molded us into the movers we are today.

Thank you for sharing with us! Give us a brief introduction. Who are you and what is your profession?

I am Yvette Mcwilliams, and I enjoy mentoring young youth to feel confident and secure to pursue any mission they want to achieve. I am passionate about helping others as a personal development coach and mentor.

What are some things that you're passionate about? Hobbies? - What MOVES you?!

Growth and the desire to continuously learn. I enjoy jazz and reading, as well as being with family and friends.

How did you meet Jaslyn Harris, and what was your first impression of her?

I met Jaslyn through a mentoring program at our church. Jaslyn was one my first young youth to mentor in Georgia.

How did your mentor/mentee relationship progress overtime?

Jaslyn and I grew to develop a great friendship from our mentoring sessions ❤

When your back is against the wall, and you feel like giving up, who or what, keeps you moving and pushing forward?

My Faith and my WHY. My "why" is to make a big enough difference in my life, so that I will be able to share and be a blessing to others. I keep my daily affirmations close because they help keep me focused.

What is one quote that you would consider to be your Mantra?

"I have everything I need within to accomplish any endeavor I pursue."

Thank you for reading! Yvette has a couple of things in the works, and I am so excited to catch up with her again soon. Check out her retail site with Total Life Changes LLC at

Next up in our Mentors that Move Me series, I'll be introducing you to another one of my mentors that moved in to my neighborhood, and soon became a blessing like no other, so stay tuned!

In the comments, let us know who the mentors in your life are and give them a shout out!

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1 Comment

Antwan Spicer
Antwan Spicer
Sep 08, 2021

Loved this 👏🏾 Keep it up Jaslyn

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