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How do We Exercise Our Pain?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Note: This entry was originally written back in 2016. This message still holds great value today. I will always continue to pray for those who lost their lives to police brutality and racial discrimination. I hope you truly take in my message. Enjoy.

To my Black Kings and Queens,

I can only imagine all of the thoughts racing in your minds. All of the emotions you must feel. Disgust, anger, sadness and fear just to name a few. As I feel all of these emotions and lay restless at night, I ask myself, what can I do to help make it stop?

A police officer shot and killed an innocent Black King; a husband, a son, a father. So in return, some of my kings and queens retaliate by killing other police officers, raiding stores and vandalizing cars. Bare with me; but were those officers not fathers, sons, an husbands too? Were those stores not the same stores you buy groceries from within your neighborhood? Does a life for a life equal peace and happiness? Or just more restless nights filled with the threat of war?

Protests and boycotts are great ways to make our voices heard to who would otherwise care less; but make sure they're being heard in the right places. Yes, boycotting restaurants and malls will cause huge corporations to lose money, but think a little deeper. Where exactly do you think that loss will hit? Definitely not their pockets. It'll hit the pockets of their employees first. Pay cuts, lay offs, etc. Who do you think they'll lay off first?

Just let that sink in for a moment.

In my eyes, using our anger and disgust towards building our empires would be that much stronger of a weapon against evil and hate. Help our Beautiful Black Owned Businesses turn into large successful corporations! Support each others' brands so that we can add more black seats to the corporate table. Invest in our businesses and watch them flourish off of your faithful mustard seed. This is only the beginning! We need to continue to open that door for our futures. I will support and recognize every brand I come in contact with, and I mean that 100%. We all have a place and purpose in this world. And I will continue to do my part to combat against the wrongs made towards us, by transforming my pain into love.


Your Beautiful Black Queen

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